How To Buy Pearls | Choose the Perfect Pearls for You

How To Buy Pearls: Which Pearl Suits You or Your Loved One?

There’s a pearl to fit every person’s unique personality and style. With such a wide variety of classy jewellery on offer, it can be hard to know you’re making the right decision when you’re shopping for pearl gifts for someone special.

Here’s where you should start if you want to select an absolutely perfect pearl accessory, no matter who you’re buying for. As the pearl experts, Lullu can give some guidance on how to buy pearls for every type of woman. Whether she’s a t-shirts and jeans type or likes to make a statement wherever she goes, there’s a piece of jewellery that she’ll fall head over heels for.

1.     The Fun-Loving Woman

Purple Rain Multistring purple Pearl Necklace by Lullu luxury pearl jewelleryThe fun-loving woman is the one you’ll find breaking stereotypes, taking risks, and marching to their own beat. They’re not afraid to shake things up when it comes to fashion and jewellery, and try not to take themselves too seriously.

This is the type of woman who doesn’t like to follow the crowd, so their pearls should fit into that theme too. Instead of going for something classic, their perfect pearl is something a little more quirky and untraditional.

Something they’re sure to fall in love with are baroque-style pearls. The Purple Rain multi-strand pearl necklace is exactly the type of modern twist on a classic that the fun loving woman will delight in. The pearls aren’t all uniform, just like her, and the unusual shade of purple with a red hue is eye-catching and unique.

A celebrity who we think embodies the fun-loving woman is actress Anna Kendrick. Known for her sense of humour, down to earth nature, and likeability.

2.     The Career Woman

Ball & Chain Pearl Stud Earrings | Lullu Luxury Pearls South AfricaNormally this type of woman can be found working in a highly skilled, professional setting. Maybe she’s a lawyer, banker, or business mogul. This is the type of woman who isn’t afraid to don a suit or own the boardroom.

Their style is classic, tailored, and crisp. They always look polished and confident. This is the type of woman who tends to favour neutrals with one or two bold statement pieces – and maybe a pair of killer heels! To complement their chic office style, classic statement pearls which don’t detract from their sleek look will go down a treat. These are clean and classic, but make a real statement, just like the career woman herself. Our top choice would be pair of Ball & Chain stud pearl earrings; sure to make her feel powerful and beautiful.

The type of person who embodies the career woman is Michelle Obama. Dedicated, driven, passionate, and stylish all at once.

3.     The Life of the Party

Japanese Saltwater Pearl Bracelet Lullu onlineThis is a person who turns heads wherever she goes, and who loves the limelight. If she walks into a room, you can bet she’s wearing something bold and eye-catching. You’ll find this type of woman at social events, dinners, and champagne brunches. For her, it’s all about the finer things in life.

When you’re deciding how to pick the right pearls for a woman who is the life of the party, keep in mind that she would want something which others will lust after and comment on. If you’re looking to splurge, a striking statement piece like the Japan Blossom Pearl Bracelet will wow her…and everyone around her.

Hollywood has more than their fair share of these women. After all, it’s their attitude that got them to where they are today! The one person who epitomises a woman who is the life of the party would have to be Taylor Swift.

4.     The Laid-Back Type

freshwater grey pearl studs 8mm

The laid-back type is a person who is relaxed, easygoing, and casual. They’re happy to go with the flow, aren’t too demanding, and tend to be found just enjoying things at their own pace. Style-wise, this is the type of woman who you’ll find in fitted jeans and a t-shirt. They love pumps and sneakers, and opt for understated fashion choices.

That doesn’t mean they can’t rock a piece of pearl jewellery though! It just means that the laid back woman would choose to buy pearls that suit her casual style. A pair of timeless Grey Pearl stud earrings would be the perfect choice. They can be worn every day, dressed up or down, and are sure to add a touch of luxe without being overpowering.

Almost everyone has a friend who fulfils the laid-back role in the group. When it comes to the faces we all know and love though, it’s got to be Oscar-winner Jennifer Lawrence who takes the cake for laid-back and easygoing.

5.     The Enigma

Lilac Rose Pearl Necklace | Lullu Luxury Pearl JewelleryThe enigma is a woman who intrigues and excites. This is the type of woman who people take notice of; not because she’s trying to be the centre of attention, but because she exudes an air of mystery. She doesn’t reveal too much and likes to keep people hanging on, waiting for more.

A woman like this suits dark pearls full of lustre and shine. Because she’s glamorous and elegant, she needs a refined pearl that doesn’t blend in with the crowd. Our Lilac Rose Pearl necklace is as magical and unusual as she is. She’ll adore the chocolatey brown  colour offset by green overtones.

A real-life enigma is Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge. Despite worldwide attention and fame, she remains composed and elegant in the face of scrutiny, and never reveals more than she should.

How To Buy Pearls: What to look for when buying pearls

As the pearl experts, we know that when it comes to how to choose what pearls to buy, you need to take a variety of factors into consideration. Of course, someone’s personality and style is one of the first ones. Your budget is another! When it comes to the actual pearls though, here’s what to think about:

  • Real pearls vs imitation pearls – At Lullu, we use only real cultured pearls and we always recommend real pearls, especially if you want something durable, long-lasting, and precious
  • Lustre – pearls with an obvious iridescence or lustre are more sought after and thus tend to cost more. If you’re looking to splash out, go for something with that gorgeous, irresistible lustre and shine that practically oozes from top quality pearls.
  • Shape – perfectly round pearls are often more valuable than pearls which aren’t uniform. That said, the perfect shape depends largely on the person who will be wearing it and their preferences.
  • Size –  large pearls take longer to grow and are thus more valuable, a smaller and more dainty pearl can be very elegant
  • Colour – some pearl colours are more valuable than others, but you also want to look for a pearl colour which will complement the wearer’s hair, skin, and eye colour.

Buying Luxury Pearl Jewellery from Lullu

Now that you know how to buy pearls, you’ve just got to decide where to buy pearls. As pearl specialists, Lullu can offer you a wide variety of pearl gifts and jewellery. If our suggestions above haven’t already sealed the deal on what to purchase, browse our entire range of luxury pearl jewellery here.

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