How to Wear Pearls With Cardigans, Jerseys, and Blazers

Pearls are stunning natural gems, emphasising the beauty of almost every outfit. In 2020, they became a favourite jewellery choice for both men and women, such as Harry Styles and Kamala Harris. But can we wear pearls with everything? Does a pearl necklace fit sweaters, coats, and blazers?

Some people associate jewellery with summer and spring, wearing multiple strands of colourful gemstones or large bangles. However, Akoya pearl necklaces, a single delicate pearl on a chain or even bold and colourful pearl necklaces can look fabulous and add a touch of elegance to many autumn and winter outfits as well.

Here are some tips on wearing pearl necklaces with winter and autumn fashion staples like sweaters and blazers.

Pearl necklaces with jerseys

Sweater dresses and warm cardigans are must-haves in any woman’s winter and autumn wardrobe. If you want to have a girl’s night out or a fancy date, combining your winter outfit with the perfect accessories will make sure you steal the spotlight.

Bianca Classic Pearl String Necklace | Small | Lullu Luxury Pearl JewelleryCosy jerseys tend to have different types of necklines. If you choose a turtleneck for your night out, a classic long string necklace with white Akoya pearls will create a dramatic yet elegant appearance. They’re a gorgeous final touch for your outfit. However, a chunkier multi-strand pearl necklace would also look beautiful paired against a simple turtleneck sweater.Winter Mist Multi-Strand Pearl Necklace | Lullu Luxury Pearl Jewellery

If you’re ready to rock a soft winter jersey with a V-neck, pair it with a delicate single pearl chain necklace. Not only is the entire look soft and welcoming, but a single pearl on a simple chain will create the illusion of a slimmer neckline.

Add some colour!

Freshwater Pearl Necklace Mixers LulluIf you really want to make an impression, you can choose a necklace with colourful pearls that contrast the colour of your outfit.Purple Rain Multi-Strand Pearl Necklace | Lullu Luxury Pearl Jewellery

For instance, if you are wearing a black sweater you can incorporate some jewel-toned pearls like our mixers pearl string. Purple with red hue pearls can add some warmth to an outfit of blues and greys, and pair beautifully with earthy forest greens and olive tones too.

Or keep it classic with blush or white pearls and opt for a bright blazer or cardigan for a touch of vibrancy.

To show off your unique, bold style, you can even add some colourful pearl earrings to match the necklace.

Remember; playing with carefully contrasting colours will give you confidence and help you stand out from the crowd.

Formal style – pearls with blazers, coats, and cardigans

Do you want to look smart, elegant, and feel comfortable at the office in the colder months? A working woman needs a good wardrobe.

If you’re ready to look professional this autumn, team up a single strand of classy Akoya pearls with a formal white shirt, black or navy blazer, a well-fitted pair of jeans and leather or suede ankle boots.

Then walk on into that office looking elegant and confident!

To survive plummeting winter temperatures, add a cosy monochromatic V-neck sweater over the shirt.

Lullu Coral and Turquoise Pearl Mix Necklace displayed on a white background.For another office-chic look, combine a neutral cardigan in beige or grey with a dark pair of cigarette pants and your favourite pearl necklace. The great thing about office blazers and cardigans is that they’re designed to be worn with almost anything – so you could go with a statement piece like our coral and lava stone necklace, or a timeless guardian eye necklace.

If the moody autumn weather allows it, you can also opt for a formal knitted, knee-length black dress and a colourful fitted cardigan with your favourite pearl necklace too.Japanese Saltwater Akoya Guardian Eye Necklace | Lullu Pearl Jewellery

If you prefer an even more formal look, draw some inspiration from Kamala Harris. At the 59th Presidential Inauguration, the vice-president of the United States wore an amazing purple coat with a strand of white pearls. And if it’s formal enough for an inauguration, it’s definitely formal enough for an office.

In the winter holiday season, you can really play around with winter fashion at formal events. For those winter wonderland weddings, for instance, a floor-length dress is always a good idea. Choose your accessories wisely if you want to stand out, but not outdo the bride!

Because so many brides wear Akoya pearls, we think weddings are the best time to go for bold statement pearl necklaces or earrings. Warming winter tones are sure to add a touch of romanticism to any formal event in winter.

Casual seasonal styles with pearl jewellery

Blush Pearl Necklace | Small | Lullu Pearl JewelleryPearls are trendy and elegant, and aren’t just for formal wear! If your style is more relaxed and easy-going, you’ll want to go with something fuss-free but beautiful. A casual pearl chain with the classic blue skinny jeans and a fitted long-sleeve top will take you from weekend brunch to dinner effortlessly.

In autumn, blazers are trendy and look great with a casual outfit too. Pair a cute grey or navy blazer with a pair of tan culottes. To add some colour to the ensemble, wear a blush pearl necklace and enjoy a warm autumn day.

Choosing the right pearl necklace

The right pearl necklace will always depend on the season, the outfit, the occasion, and your unique style.

We’ve outlined some of our absolute favourite pearl necklaces to wear with sweaters, blazers, and cardigans this winter. But if you still haven’t found your perfect match, browse Lullu’s entire pearl necklace collection here.

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