Lullu’s Jewellery Box and Cloth: The Perfect Way to Store and Care for Your Pearl Jewellery

When it comes to investing in pearl jewellery, it’s important to not only focus on the beauty and quality of the piece itself, but also on how to properly store and care for it. That’s why at Lullu, we have curated a collection of jewellery boxes and jewellery cloths that are specifically designed to keep your pearl jewellery in top condition, while also adding a touch of luxury to your dressing table.

Our products all come with either our Lullu velvet jewellery pouch or our jewellery box and cloth. Each product page will show the packaging you will receive. Browse our collection of pearl jewellery. Our jewellery boxes are not just ordinary boxes, they are crafted with the finest materials to make sure they are as beautiful as the jewellery they hold. The exterior of the box is adorned with the iconic Lullu logo. The textures of the jewellery box represents the imagery of sunlight shining through waters onto the delicate ocean sand grains.

The box also comes in different sizes and designs to accommodate any type of pearl jewellery, from our simple Twist Pearl Studs to our Plutus Multi-Strand Pearl Necklace.

In addition to the jewellery box, we also offer a specially-designed jewellery cloth that is perfect for cleaning and maintaining your pearl jewellery. A soft, reusable microfiber cloth that gently removes dirt and grime from your pearls without scratching or damaging the surface. 

Pearl jewellery is a timeless and elegant choice, and it’s important to invest in the proper storage and care to keep it looking beautiful for years to come. Lullu’s jewellery box and cloth are the perfect way to do just that. Not only do they keep your pearl jewellery safe and secure, but they also add a touch of luxury to your dressing table and make for the perfect gift.

So why not treat yourself or your loved one with Lullu’s jewellery box and cloth to ensure the longevity of your pearl jewellery.