How to Wear Pearls With Cardigans, Jerseys, and Blazers

Pearls are stunning natural gems, emphasising the beauty of almost every outfit. In 2020, they became a favourite jewellery choice for both men and women, such as Harry Styles and Kamala Harris. But can we wear pearls with everything? Does a pearl necklace fit sweaters, coats, and blazers?

Some people associate jewellery with summer and spring, wearing multiple strands of colourful gemstones or large bangles. However, Akoya pearl necklaces, a single delicate pearl on a chain or even bold and colourful pearl necklaces can look fabulous and add a touch of elegance to many autumn and winter outfits as well.

Here are some tips on wearing pearl necklaces with winter and autumn fashion staples like sweaters and blazers.

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How To Wear Pearls: Autumn/Winter 2021 Pearl Fashion Trends

What springs to mind when you think of winter? Cold, dark weather? On the other hand, people associate summer with colour, inspiration, love, and happiness. They wear vibrant clothes, beautiful bold jewellery that highlights their favourite features, and really channel that positive summery energy.

So, is there a way to show off your appearance and unique style with jewellery even in the colder days? Yes! With pearls!

Read more to find out more about pearl jewellery and winter fashion in 2021.

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Pearl Jewellery In Fashion – The Evolution of Pearl Jewellery Throughout the Ages

Portrait of Elizabeth I wearing Pearl Jewellery

Pearls are the only gems created within a living creature, connecting their wearers with nature through their beauty and uniqueness. They have been used as jewellery for centuries and featured in outfits and styles of every type, from adorning golden crowns and royal garments to simply emphasising the elegance of a little black dress.

These iridescent gems first gained popularity among Chinese royalty in 2300 BC as a symbol of wealth. You can find out more about pearl meaning, history, and symbolism here.

Read on to find out more about the most famous pearl wearers in history and why even the largest pearls in the world can disappear in a matter of seconds!

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